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Specialists in Australian Commercial Fishing Licences, Permits and Quota as well as the sale of Vessels, affiliation with International Brokers means Melbourne Shipbrokers can source Vessels from around the World. The Company is also the Authorised Representative for the insurance of a significant number of Australian fishing and charter vessels.

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Australian Western Tuna Fishery-a safe haven for a large tuna longline fleet

The world tuna fishery is ever more in the spotlight with stricter policing of quotas and restictions on areas for fishing and the reigning in of illegal fishing operations.Piracy in some countries has drastically reduced or stopped fishing completely.The Australian Western tuna fishery comprises the entire West Australian coast from the South Australian border to Cape York in Queensland and 200 miles to sea. Expressions of interest are invited (worldwide) to acquire quota Statutory Fishing Rights in this fishery.This is a big boat fishery for 60m plus vessels with large -60 degree holding capacity and continuous operation.There is a total of 10,125 tonne available to catch on a yearly basis comprising Yellowfin Tuna,Bigeye Tuna,Broadbill Swordfish and striped Marlin.Albacore Tuna is unquotered.Any interested party is invited to contact Melbourne Shipbrokers for full particulars for participating in this fishery.Melbourne Shipbrokers have exclusive agreement for the sale of the Statutory Fishing Rights for 99% of this fishery.

10 July 2014

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