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Specialists in Australian Commercial Fishing Licences, Permits and Quota as well as the sale of Vessels, affiliation with International Brokers means Melbourne Shipbrokers can source Vessels from around the World. The Company is also the Authorised Representative for the insurance of a significant number of Australian fishing and charter vessels.

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New industry confidence under Coalition

Trading activity in the fishing industry has substantially improved post election as the Coalition Government moves to re-examine and amend the previous Labour Government's comprehensive 'shutdown' policies.There is increased trading in quota and concessions demonstrating a new confidence in moving forward.Unfortunately it will take some time to restore traditional investor confidence in the industry following Tony Burkes comprehensive demolition of AFMA and trashing the long established science based management regime - a man who was determined with the backing of his party to champion the Green radicals and their brainwashed followers in their never ending quest to destroy the Australian fishing industry.There are promising signs of renewed investor interest across the board with increased trading activity.

3 December 2013

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