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Specialists in Australian Commercial Fishing Licences, Permits and Quota as well as the sale of Vessels, affiliation with International Brokers means Melbourne Shipbrokers can source Vessels from around the World. The Company is also the Authorised Representative for the insurance of a significant number of Australian fishing and charter vessels.

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Line Boat

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Southern Shark Fishery

Over the winter months the Southern Shark Fishery catches as with most southern fisheries catches have suffered following a shocking winter weather pattern.Of late with the vastly improved weather catches have increased dramatically with fishermen in catchup mode and catches in eastern area very good.The gummy quota has been set at 1800 tonne for many years reflecting what is argumentely the most stable fishery in Australia today.The fishery is attracting new entrants who are currently curtailed by a serious shortage of suitable vessels plus the required fishing concessions are in scarce supply.We note that most retail outlets have increased the gummy retail price from average $29.90 per kg to around $32.50 per kg. It is also worthy of note that regardless of the adverse winter weather the catch rate to end of January 2016 is consistent with the previous season catch rate.

28 November 2016

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